Israeli government spokesman said that the Jewish gay is still better than a non-Jew


In an interview with the correspondent of the newspaper Maariv Israeli Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs, Eli Ben Dahan announced that under no circumstances will allow gay marriage. However, it is clarified that any Jew, even gay, is still better than a non-Jew.

When a reporter asked whether the same-sex marriage and heterosexual marriage Jew from Gentile one and the same in the eyes of Ben Dahan, he replied: “We do not recognize either the one or the other, but a Jew is always more elevated the soul, even if he is gay”.

The publication writes that, as a deputy minister, Eli Ben Dahan actually headed the Office of Religious Affairs. He represents the right conservative religious party “Jewish Home”, which is part of the coalition government of Israel.

This political force today is the main obstacle to the adoption of a law that would allow same-sex parents enjoy the same financial benefits as opposite-sex. The initiator of the bill made the party Yesh Atid (“There is a future”), headed by Finance Minister Yair Lapid. In his program, Yesh Atid claims that its activities are focused on improving the living standards of the middle class and, in contrast to the “Jewish house”, it is – a political force secular orientation.


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