Regular sexual activity has a positive effect on the level of salary


German scientists from the Institute of Labor Research concluded that sex has a positive effect not only on health but also on the salary. Opinion polls have shown that employees involved in love four times a week or more, earn about 5% more than their counterparts who have sex irregularly.

Professor Nick Dridakis spent dataset analysis, which were obtained in the course in 2008 in Greece, a large-scale sociological study on the various aspects of the life and behavior of the population. It was attended by more than seven and a half thousand people who responded, including on issues relating to the intensity of their sexual life. Also the health of the participants evaluated. Especially a direct correlation between the frequency of sexual activity and the level of wages was pronounced in the age group 26-50 years.

By the way, study, which involvrf seven and a half thousand participants showed that people living eventful sex lives are more sociable, less prone to diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, etc. The basis of the identified communication are two kinds of reasons – on the one hand, flawed private life leads to depression, which can not but affect the work. To thrive in life, it is necessary to satisfy the basic needs – food and sex. On the other hand, increasing the level of income provokes people to more active behavior in sexual terms and make them more attractive for partners.


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