Adventures of an American pastor in Russia: gay marriage, propaganda, deception


The American pastor Jim Mulcahy who came to Russia to lecture members of the LGBT community and even to marry a gay couple was detained in Samara. He arrived on a tourist visa, and therefore had no right to engage in religious activities. The police believe that the lectures and wedding ceremony, albeit failed, under this definition completely covered.

“Today I am happy to tell you that you are not alone …” ordained Orthodox priest of the Kiev Patriarchate Rev. Jim Francis – so he represents himself in the social networks. So far it has worked. But in the department of Samara militia Reverend Jim was not so eloquent. However, he is not the first well-known in the LGBT community as someone who can marry, commune, hold the mass.

“I look at him – he is not a priest! He has this scarf … you can not say that this is a Protestant minister,” – Says Svyatoslav Shevchenko, rector of the Annunciation of the diocese.

An attempt to marry a gay couple in Russia, according to experts, can be assessed as an attempt to increase the audience: LGBT priest’s sermon is very similar to the Euro-propaganda. And such lectures are paid. According to Sharia, Francis will incite people who are members of the LGBT community. “However, there are not so much such people, and the flock is necessary to gain – that is why, I believe, it will coordinate with grant certain organizations, and it is clear, from what funds it is all done,” – concluded the blogger.


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