A third of Anglican Bishops are gays, says priest


At least one-third of the bishops of the Anglican Church are gays, says one of the priests. Same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom has long been a reality. One of Anglican priests, who wished to remain anonymous, claims that homosexuality “is common in the church”.much more than you might think about it. “The priest, who wished not to be named, said that at least 13 of the 42 bishops of the Church of England are gays themselves, although they dont recognize it publicly,” – the newspaper writes.

It was about 42 bishops who led the diocese and are entitled to vote in the House of Lords. None of them about their homosexuality is not stated, and only one of them has publicly announced that he supports gay marriage.

Some Anglican priests who are not representatives of the higher clergy themselves intend to enter into same-sex marriages.”Gays are often characterized by increased sensitivity to everything that is associated with beauty and spirituality – said the source The Daily Beast. – There are a lot of gays in the church”.


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