Dan Healy: What to do with gays in Russia, the Kremlin decides to …


Dan Healy is professor of the University of Reading, the author of a number of studies on the Russian homophobia, expressed the opinion that Klemlin will decide the further destiny of the gay community in Russia.

“In some countries of Africa and Asia, homosexuality is considered a crime, for which a prison gets a sentence. 23 years ago Russia made a decision to become a more “European country”, to decriminalize male homosexuality. Homophobia in Russia is not fixed by law, in contrast to some of the developing countries. The Kremlin is free to decide to which “civilization” Russian will be classified,” – Healy thinks.

Healy put an equal sign between Nazi Germany and fascist ideology of hatred towards LGBT people, which demonstrates “the Russian elite”. “Homophobia is a hatred of political homophobia -.. “This hatred was created by the government” sounds to me like a pretty clear definition of fascism,” – said Healy.


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