In the Czech Republic registration of same-sex partnership is three times more expensive than a marriage between a man and a woman


Ombudsman of the Czech Republic Anna Shabatova criticized the regional administration of the inequality of conditions at the conclusion of the registered partnerships of the same sex.

The study showed that heterosexual marriage can be concluded in all 1282 branches of metrics and register a partnership can only be in town halls edge 14 capitals.

Some administrations do not provide same-sex partners the possibility to choose the place and time of the official ceremony, as it happens in the case of registration of marriage for women and men.

For administrative services to heterosexual couples and same-sex partners who have decided to formalize their relationship, are charged different fees, gays and lesbians have to pay three times as much.

Ombudsman urged to eliminate discrimination and to introduce the regional administration the same conditions at the conclusion of marriage and registration of civil partnerships.


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