The reaction of parents to the child’s coming out in Russia – from “I would take the belt” to “Why not?”

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Youtube-channel creators “Less than three” asked the Russian adults of all ages how would they reacted to the recognition of the child’s homosexuality. Most participants of the experiment were not ready for such an application and would likely have led the child to the doctor than take it.

“My son? Really? I do not know, I would take the belt or something else in the hands and slapped him in the face … thta’s,” – sescribed his reaction to the possible coming out of the child 80-year-old Nicholas.

“I would first arranged a boycott, I would not talk to him. That is given to understand that grandmother does not speak, so there is a serious reason ..”, – says the 78-year-old participant. Similarly, 27-year-old Sergei would reacted to the recognition of the child. He said that he would not even bother to communicate with his son-gay.

Another third of adults who have undergone a survey believe homosexuality is an unnatural phenomenon or disease, so they would have taken the child to a therapist. “Each of us wants to have a normal child. Properly sexually oriented”, – says the 64-year-old Nina.

Only three people have unequivocally supported the children after coming out. “I would say that it is his choice, why not” – suggests a reaction 17-year-old Julia.


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