5 myths about gay life


Gay life is always under the constant eye of society and constantly clutteres with all sorts of legends and myths.

Myth 1. Gays can not stand women: either they try to communicate or be friends with them

– Well, it is, of course, nonsense. Because many gay men both young and old have a lot of friends of women.

Myth 2. Gays are not born, but becomes due to circumstances or environment (most often – flawed)

– It is also a myth – since the days of the communist era. Because today a view about the innate homosexual orientations precails in the scientific community.

Myth 3. Gays are motivated not by love, but LUST

– Gay men have serious and deep human affection. Many of them live together for many years.

Myth 4. Gays change their partners frequently and easily

– One can say that homosexual families, both male and female, are socially less strong than usual. This is due, primarily, to the lack of legal recognition of their status. In addition, they are socially more independent of each other, than a wife and husband, associated living space.

Myth 5. Gays by nature divide into active and passive

– This is not true. Firstly, gay sex is much wider than just the concept of “active” and “passive”. These definitions are associated with anal sex. In fact, anal sex on statistics deal only with 17 – 20 percent of the partners, and the rest – oral sex, petting … Homosexual sex is actually more diverse than heterosexual.


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