Dolly Parton: “Gays understand me well because I also fought for the right to be myself”


Before going to the next rtour, the 70-year-old gay icon Dolly Parton spoke to reporters the Guardian. The actress and singer, who became famous after the comedy “Nine to Five”, told about her true fans of LGBT community.

“I do not know the reason, but I’m very happy because of it. I always say that people do not come to see me but to see how I look at them. I have been long on the stage, and many people have grown up with me. I have become for them as a family member, aunt, older sister or girlfriend. They know that I do not fit into the framework.

I fought for the right to be myself – and this is one of the reasons why gays and lesbians understand me as well. They know that I appreciate people for who they are. Why we are not allowed to be ourselves? I do not want to preach, it is not my job. I just write songs and sing them, sharing my love with people”.

In addition, the country singer hinted at a dance album, written especially for gay-fans.


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