Passport without transgender transition can be changed in the UK


Trans people in the UK are no longer required to provide medical documentation confirming transgender transition to change the passport. This is stated in the government report on transgender rights.

Also there is clearly indicated in the text of the report that gender dysphoria, according to the government, is not a mental illness. The government has promised in conjunction with experts consider a model to work with trans people, not based on the psychiatric hospitals.

Shortly after the publication of the report of the LGBT organization “Stonewall” has made a statement which welcomed the decision: “The recognition that gender dysphoria is not a mental illness, as well as the recognition of non-binary identities and to revise, as a national health service support trans people – are important steps forward”.

Members of the Women’s Committee and the Equality of the House of Commons have also considered the possibility of adding option “X” in the column “sex” in the passport for people who do not consider themselves neither male nor female. Such a system currently operates in Australia. For its introduction in the UK will need changes in laws.

In addition, in its report, the Government has pledged to continue to pay attention to the problem of discrimination against transgender people and hate crimes.



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