Teenage girl made coming out on the ride at Disneyland


16-year-old Jean arranged enchanting coming out to his mother during a trip to Disneyland California. She made a rainbow banner with the words “I am a lesbian” and stashed it in order to show at the correct time.

Such a moment came when they raced to the mound on a water attraction Splash Mountain. Poster got on camera – mother read the message in the souvenir shop, when she was looking at the photos.

Jean posted a good photo on Twitter with the comment, “This is how I made coming out yesterday, lol”. Now the publication brought together about ten thousand “likes”.

She said HuffPo: “I have never dreamed of such a reaction of my parents. I was very lucky that my friends and family support me. Through it all went much better than I could even imagine..!”.

For those who are still hiding, she wrote: “It is a very emotional process, so first try to take yourself. Be prepared for the fact that people will ask you questions, and react differently to you. I know it is sometimes difficult to know whether you are ready for such a step. So take your time and think about whether you want to do it or not”.


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