“The strongest” Ukrainian about gays: “Hitler had shot them … but they are like dragons


Ukrainian athlete 42-year-old Vasily Virastjuk, who owns several power records, called homosexuality “mental disorder”. Winner of the title “The strongest man of the world” said that he opposes gay parades, although his part in the dispersal of the gay action in Lviv – “is nonsense, and the yellow press”.

“I have a negative attitude to homosexuality. I do not support such movements, they are absolutely silly. I am the man of the normal orientation, and consider it a mental disorder deviation from the norm ….” – He added: “Do sex but why do you cry about it everywhere?”

“I understand that and deal with it there is no sense, Hitler even shot them, but it will be even worse they. They are like dragons, you chop off one head – there are two heads, it seems to me that it is trying to expose, to present as normal. Here is the problem. I have three sons, I do not want them to look at those blue parades …” – reasoned Ukrainian athlete.


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