Jamala’s appearance on the background of LGBT flag made homophobes being angry


32-year-old Jamala, victor of the “Eurovision” in 2016, just placed on her microblog pictures with the “rainbow” flag. In response, a stream of homophobic abuse poured …

The photo was taken yesterday in Stockholm, Sweden. In this city, Jamala literally snatched victory from Russian Sergey Lazarev. Then about 400 000 people have signed a petition for review of the tender results. But the organizers did not find any violations in the vote of the jury.

In Stockholm Jamala appeared in the Swedish morning show and said that she supports the LGBT community. According to her, she knew from childhood that any discriminations are wrong. Jamala says that at the school in the Soviet Crimea, she had to endure the humiliation of nationality.

After returning from Stockholm in May Jamala emphasized that she considers necessary to do everything possible “to make homosexuals feel in maximum security”. It was about the LGBT audience Ukrainian “Eurovision” in 2017. The call to “show respect for them” sounded from the lips of Jamala during a press conference in Lviv, a city in western Ukraine.


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