The booklet about sexual health of lesbian couples was published


The publication, prepared by a group of “Maximum”, contains tips on how to improve their quality of life and to avoid possible risks.

The brochure highlights the health aspects that are more relevant for women who have sex with women (WSW). This information, according to the compilers, helpы improve the quality of life and warn of potential hazards you and your friends.

Questions which are related to health WSW, did not raise a long time. Health care providers did not have the necessary information, WSW remained invisible group. It was believed that they do not have any problems other than heterosexual women have.

Statistics in many countries shows the high level of discrimination and intolerance against women. In cases with a WSW to ordinary sexism and homophobia is added. Often rejection from others leads to psychological problems.

“An important condition for the well-being is to get rid of manipulation on the part of the environment. Psychologists of LGBT organizations and initiative groups often have to correct mistakes of heteronormative society. Do not be afraid to contact them, it is an important step to a healthy outlook and achieve harmony with yourself and the world. Do not be afraid to change your perception of the world, take care of yourself and the other self-acceptance is no longer look at someone else’s opinion, but simply to live your life,”- it says in the brochure, which is available in electronic form.


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