Tips for transvestites from comedy stars “Absolutely Fabulous”


Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone are friends of the show “Absolutely Fabulous”, the show will back on the screens in a fall.

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are the actress who play two zany women since 1992, they have become accustomed to the fact that images of their alter-ego became popular among transvestite divas. Although this is their first, of course, shocked.

“When we first saw our twins, transvestites, we just froze, – said laughing Saunders in an interview. Next to the twins-men we immediately understoond what we are really small and inconspicuous. They are so glamorous than we can even dream of!”.

“And sometimes they are also bearded,” – adds Lumley.

Since the images of Edina and Patsy flashed on the travesty scene for more than twenty years, Saunders finds herself an expert in the matter.

“The funny thing is that before travesty dressed up very vulgarly, portraying Patsy. And recently I noticed in the London Pride parade that Patsies are well dressed. And it is very important, if you Patsy, then you please look decent, though you want to go somewhere, always dress as if you go to a decent place. Only towards morning, you can afford to look indecent”.



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