The Belarusian vodka advertising used homophobic image of modern Russia


Recognition of homophobic Russia’s image in the world today used in advertising vodka “Partisan” in Germany.

Posters advertising slogan “Not the Russian Standard” decorate Berlin and Cologne on the eve of Christopher Street Day, the shares more than 30-year history, which took place this year over the weekend.

“Russia is not only the birthplace of vodka. It is also a country in which discrimination against gays is a common thing today …” – said in a press release campaign. It adds that it is a Russian standard in the beverage industry, but not in relation to the LGBT community. Hatred of gays is precisely the “non-Russian Standard”. In general, the kind of game, if we take into account the fact that vodka is made in Belarus.

In Belarus itself vodka producer “Partisan” did not appreciate the creativity of the German partners. “It is understood that those who drink vodka, do not do this – do not kiss men on the Red Square,” – he explained the meaning of the campaign, the Acting Director Evgeny Soldatov.


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