The Brazilian telenovela showed bed-gay scene at first


For the first time shown in the Brazilian soap opera scene of passionate gay sex predictably angered local Christian organization.

Two series hero “Freedom, freedom!” (Liberdade Liberdade) has long flirted with each other, but they held back the laws and social norms, because the action of the series takes place in the XVIII century.

But in a recent series, the Brazilian newspaper O Globo wrote, André and and Colonel Tolentino (actors Caio Blat and Ricardo Pereira) finally gave vent to his feelings. This is the first gay sex scene in the Brazilian television viewers to this content with a single kiss between men in the TV series “Love of Life” (Amor à Vida).

Religious activists protest: one related to the organization of the Vatican declared that “the show calls the devil in the audience at home” and evangelicals grotesquely named this stage “rape Brazilian family”.

The series are shown on TV Globo at 23:00, but its opponents point out that at eleven pm some children are still unable to sleep or even, God forbid, watch the episode online. Obviously, heterosexual sex scenes that captivated the Brazilian TV, are safe for children.

“I am very happy that I play this role, – said Blat. – This storyline makes the show more deeply, also draws attention to the problem of bigotry and discrimination This is a series for adults People understand that we highlight the modern vital issues in the historical scenery.. “.


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