16 years of strict regime – conviction for murder after ‘offer to enter into a sexual relationship “


52-year-old resident of Russia sentenced to 16 years in colony. In April 2016 he stabbed his 53-year-old guest for … “offer to enter into a sexual relationship”. In addition to the articles of the Criminal Code (murder with special cruelty) there is article. 132 (sexual assault).

“… The defendant struck 7 times with a knife in the chest to the victim, as well as the cruelty committed other acts of violence, in result the victim died. Five days later, the defendant, the victim’s body wrapped in a sheet, carried it behind the garage and hide traces of the crime, put things in order in the house, “- gives details on the official website of SU RF IC in the Omsk region.

The murders of the so-called gay “insults” are a constant topic of the news in recent years in Russia. So, in March similar crimes committed in the Sverdlovsk and Omsk regions. In the Volgograd region in late May, 38-year-old suspect strangled his 57-year-old companion of “accusations of sexual orientation.” Then the ax cut the body into pieces and threw the remains to be devoured by dogs.


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