Kristen Stewart has admitted her love for the girl


26-year-old actress Kristen Stewart has declared love to her friend and former assistant Alicia Cargile. The recognition was made in an interview with Elle magazine.

In May 2016, they appeared together on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. According to Kristen Stewart, she is happy with her girlfriend, but their relations had difficult times.

“Now I really love my girlfriend. A couple of times we parted and came together again, and this time I realized that I can finally feel again”, – said Kristen.

Stewart added that after the meeting with the girl, she completely changed the outlook on the status of public relations.

“When I dated with the guys, I tried to hide everything that I do, because I always thought that it was my very personal emotions, feelings immediately converted into a kind of banality. We like converted into the characters of some ridiculous comic book. But all has changed when I started going out with the girls,” – said the actress.

To hide from the public her relationship with the girl would mean that she is ashamed of the relationship, so that Kristen had to rethink her approach to the public status of her novels.


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