The first gay pastor in Nigeria spoke about the suicide attempt


Jide Macaulay is the first openly gay pastor in Nigeria, he wrote on Facebook about homophobia in his own family, and said he wanted to commit suicide.

In 2006 Macaulay founded the church in Lagos “Rainbow House”. Having a lot of homophobic threats, Macaulay fled to London, and since this time lived in exile, fearing for his life. He said he had been recently locked on Facebook message from another member of the family, to protect himself against homophobia and intolerance.

“When you are rejected by own family, it hurts, especially if it is your parents or children, – man wrote. – After coming out I’m not just thinking about suicide. Rejection relatives hurt me, and only the love of Christ helps and supports me, faith in beauty. Good God. There is no fear, because of the service in the “Rainbow House” I met a lot of people who like same-sex love. There are thousands of people in the world like me. First of all, I see a comprehensive love of God in it”.

Reminiscing about his service in the “Rainbow House”, Macaulay said: “Day after day I tell people that God loves us just as we are – it’s a job that teaches humility, and I thank the Lord for what he has chosen I have for it. You’re gay, and God loves you, takes you and gives you comfort”.


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