Gay and bisexual men are more upset for emotional cheating of their partner than just sex on the side


Psychology professor David Frederick from Chapman University found out which behavior hurts much more partners in a relationship. As part of a large-scale study examined the answers of more than 60 thousand respondents.

Professors interested in what can be perceived more painful than physical infidelity, and how to perceive the fact of treason representatives of different sexes.

Author of the study from the beginning separated the physical from the emotional betrayal. Under physical betrayal sex with another person was understood. And the emotional betrayal considered and seemingly innocent flirtation, and a close friendship, and not fully experienced feelings toward the former.

70% of bisexual men, 68% of gay men and 73% of bisexual women said that the idea of an emotional infidelity upsets them more than physical infidelity.

However, only 54% of heterosexual men find emotional infidelity worse than physical intimacy with another partner. 65% of heterosexual women believe that “emotional cheating” is much more offensive than just sex without feelings with another person.


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