The first ever trans Elle covergirl


‘Elle’ is probably one of the most popular fashion magazines ever. It often broke stereotypes about female beauty, and now one more stereotype is broken – there are transgender models, they are very beautiful and they deserve to be represented on magazine covers . Hari Nef has already made waves this year, becoming the first trans model to sign to one of the fashion industry’s biggest agencies, IMG Models.

And now she is Elle covergirl. The pictures are great, the model is beautiful. She also has given an interview in which she opend up about discovering her femininity. “In an ideal world, I wouldn’t have to change my body. I wouldn’t have to do all this stuff. I wouldn’t have to be pretty, or ‘feminine’ and people would respect that,” she said. Nef’s strongest comments, however, were saved for Caitlyn Jenner, who she asked, “What does being a woman mean to you?” Are the women from low-income houses who are disenfranchised by Republican politics – are those women your women? Are the women who have ovaries and wombs and who can’t get access to essential reproductive healthcare – are those women your women? Are the immigrant women who would get deported under a Republican administration – are those your women?”

As for her private life, Nef said that she would like to date with a man who also belongs to the LGBT community. She underlined that she does not want to go out with a 100% gay man, but she would not mind to create relationships with a bisexual man who would understand all the aspects of human bodies without judging.


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