How Stockholm earns on tolerance


Stockholm is renowned for its monarchs, social policy and cinnamon rolls, learned to good living and tolerance. In the Swedish capital the largest Scandinavian gay pride parade hosts, the city is also known not only as the most expensive, but also as the most comfortable for LGBT travels.

Gay Pride in Stockholm is the event for LGBT and their friends. The parade is held annually since 1998 and is the largest in Scandinavia: it involves more than 40 000 people, and the number of viewers reached 400 000. Festival and Stockholm Pride is really a city holiday, visits more than city dwellers and tourists, than, for example, gathered for the wedding between Crown Princess Victoria and her fitness trainer Daniel Westling in 2010.

Given the long history of the struggle for the rights of the person and change against LGBT Stockholm is one of the most comfortable cities in the “pink tourism” today. The city hass not only a lot of gay clubs and activities with the LGBT-themed urban level, where even the staff in the hotel is trained to work with same-sex couples. The whole industry is developing at a hot support of the government.

In recent years, in addition to directly parade week-long festival is held in Stockholm as well. On the territory of the city stadium Pride Park has been building. There you can eat burger or traditional Swedish Couple cinnamon rolls and black coffee, to buy pounds of souvenirs from the flag to the rainbow boa, watch the show and listen to live music.


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