The Government of India has approved a law to protect the rights of transgender people


In July 2016 a bill to protect the rights of transgender people has been approved by the Joint Council of Ministers of India under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The purpose of the bill is to protect social and economic rights of trans people, as well as the right of education.

Despite the fact that transgender existence was recognized by society for a very long time in India (the so-called hijras are mentioned in ancient myths), is currently the country’s transgender people often face discrimination, violence and denial of access to educational institutions.

The new law places the responsibility for protecting the rights of trans people in the government, as well as local authorities, according to “Legal Aid Project transgender people”.

The text of the law states that any violence against the transgender person, as well as acts of public humiliation, will be punished with imprisonment up to two years. Under the violence in this case is defined as any physical assault, as well as any coercion. Under the law of violence means any assault, as well as public nudity, forced to beg or to leave their own home or the village.

All ministries of the country have already received a message about innovations from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. The bill also provides for the establishment of the new National Council of transgender people.


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