Basketball player gay Derrick Gordon retires to become a firefighter


This year Derrick Gordon went down in history as the first openly gay, acting in the basketball tournament, NCAA (NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association). But the 24-year-old Gordon is not seeking to continue a career: contrary to expectations, he leaves the student basketball is not a professional league, and the fire brigade.

In the NCAA Gordon was a shooting guard in the University team of Seton Hall. He made comung out in 2014 when he played for the University of Massachusetts.

“I made a remarkable career in basketball and want to thank everyone who supported me at every step, – Gordon wrote on his Instagram. – But I am going to change the profession … I want to be a firefighter in San Francisco! This is my dream, and I look forward to a long and successful career!”

“I am not going to prove anything, I just do the right thing. I know my level. I went out on the field and did with the team everything that depended on me”.

Gordon did not want to draw attention to his orientation, but realized that “it will always be a hot topic, as long as someone else is also not make coming out. But so far I am the only one in all the university teams, so let discuss it. But I hope that when someone else commits coming out, it will not cause a violent reaction. In 2016 my team behaved perfectly: we showed that only basketball is important to us”.

According to Gordon, he made coming out because “the range of teenagers commit suicide, and the adults leave the sport due to the fact that do not feel out of place and so on. “I hope my coming out supported them. They will see that I play in the top division and the NCAA tournament, and they may say to themselves: okay, if he can, then I will succeed as well”.


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