Transgender model Aydian Dowling does not allow anyone to criticize him


Transgender bodybuilder Aydian Dowling is often criticized online for the way he looks. But he is not going to leave it without a respond. Here is what he writes in Instagram: “It’s a pretty common thing said to me. It makes me wonder – is it because I was born female that so many people insist having my shirt off is me being ‘topless’? He goes on to compare himself to cisgender men, who Dowling says receive very little criticism despite posting countless topless pictures across social media platforms, “no matter the age, size, colour, anything. But once transmen who work their ass off to AFFORD top surgery start posting shirtless photos – it’s now seen as ‘too much’ or ‘topless’”. Dowling concluded by giving his followers some inspiring advice.“I say- TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF! You aren’t too fat. You aren’t too skinny. You aren’t not ‘manly’ enough. “You aren’t too black or too white. You aren’t post-op? Who cares?! You are female identifying? Who cares?! I say #freethenipple! Or maybe you don’t even have nipples?! Let those non nipple chests out of their cages! STOP letting people make you feel SHAME because you are confident in yourself enough to be shirtless.”

And this is a great thought. Actually, we would like to use other words to express it, but the idea is understandable and truly right – instead of being ashamed of who you are you should love yourself and work on yourself.


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