Tyler Posey came out “to spread love in the world”


24-year-old Tyler Posey is another actor of the series “Teen Wolf”, who released from the closet. He did this through the video on an application “Snapchat”, when he was on Gay Street in New York. Recognition caused quite a stir and panic among the fans …

“This is me! This is me! I have never felt more alive than I am right now. – I am a gay!” – Tyler Posey said in the short video.

But, as it turned out, the guy joked unfortunate, drinking with friends. This, in turn, caused a scandal and discontent in the gay community.

The following morning Posey had thrice justified on Twitter: “I support the idea that love conquered hate …”; “Although I am not a gay, I fully support the LGBT community that is what I wanted to say with his statement”; “I sincerely apologize to those whom I have hurt or who thought that I played down the Coming-out. I want to spread the love in this world”.

In September 2014 Tyler Posey said that, despite the relationship with the girls, he looks for friends through Grindr.

Posey gained a lot of fans gay, playing the role of werewolf sex in the series “Teen Wolf”. The premiere of the youth of the series took place at the American MTV in 2011. But only the third openly gay season appeared among the characters. He played Charlie Carver. Carver made coming out in January 11, 2016 on “Instagram”. Then Posey told reporters that he was “aware” of homosexuality of his co-stars.


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