A sharp rise in HIV infections among gay men was marked in the UK


Recent results obtained by the Division of Health Protection and Prevention UK (HPA), showed that, despite the decline in the total number of HIV cases in 2015, the number of new cases among gay and bisexual men has never been so high …

The total number of new cases of HIV infection associated with sex between men in 2015 was 3010, compared to 2990 incidents in heterosexual intercourse. Infection rates among gay and bisexual men for the first time (from 1999) has surpassed that of heterosexual partners.

Also shift in the age marked at which the diagnosis of HIV infection is established in gay and bisexual men. In 2003, nearly half of all new HIV infections were in men aged between 30 and 39 years old and only a quarter of men 20 to 29 years, in 2011 the proportion of new cases among this age group almost equal. These and other survey data reports Newsletter “News of HIV in Europe”.


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