Jake Shears: I should not make coming out when I was 15 years


The frontman of Scissor Sisters Jake Shears admitted that he “probably should not make coming out on 15 years”.

Shears said in an that after coming out at school, he was subjected to severe abuse, which “does not suppressed teachers and other employees, who were supposed to help”.

The singer said that although he encourages homosexuals do not conceal their orientation, he advises young people to “take a closer look at the others in advance to make sure that someone will be able to protect you”.

Jake Shears said that because of the abuse he had to change schools, although later the move prompted him to take a proactive stance in the fight for gay rights, to collect the first musical group, and eventually he met with Dan Savage, who after a few years has launched a campaign, “It Gets better”.

“Indeed, in this case support is very important,” – says Shears.


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