Orlando Bloom and his penis rocked Twitter


Photos of naked actor Orlando Bloom, resting with singer Katy Perry on the Italian island of Sardinia, caused a stir among users of social network Twitter.

The photo has attracted the attention of users falling from manhood actor shadow from which the censors did not consider as necessary to get rid of. The angle of the sun’s rays did 39-year-old Bloom sexual giant.

Impressed users began to discuss the full images and publish thematic SIFCO, enjoying this unusual news. “Just look at the shadow at the foot of Bloom and I know enough about hom,” – said one of the users.

Fortunately, the original photos flew on the Internet as well, which were not subjected to censorship. The pictures can be seen at the foot of the shadow Bloom did not let Twitter users. This arrow Legolas strikes to the heart.



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