Peru, Ecuador and Uruguay support LGBT rights


There is no single adopted law on gender identity in Peru, but thre is a theoretical possibility of changing documents in court. However, here the situation is ambiguous. In 2011 and 2012 there were precedents when through a court transgender people can change the name and their sex in passport. However, in 2014 the court allowed change the name, but not a change of sex in passport. Thus, there are precedents for the different cases, and it is impossible to talk with confidence about what decision the courts of Peru may take in each case.

In 2009, a transgender woman from Ecuador Diana Rodriguez Maria Zambrano was established a legal precedent by which trans people in the country can now change documents (particularly male name to female and vice versa). It should be noted, however, that at present the name changing in Ecuador is a simple procedure, but changing the sex in the passport is much more complicated, because the general criteria that could navigate the courts of the country has not yet been introduced.

Since 2009 transgendered people have the right to change the passport and the name of the sex, without a medical examination, hormone therapy or operations in Uruguay. The only requirement is the presence of “a stable and unchanging” gender dysphoria for at least two years, but in this case it is not a medical diagnosis. In each case, a commission of experts from different sectors make the decision to grant the new document. For the decision it can ask for evidence of various experts, which previously addressed the candidate, as well as to interview “people who know the way of life of the candidate”.


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