The first Mr Gay from China is crowned


China is not the most LGBT-friendly country ever, it is not common to speak about homosexuality out loud there, but the country moves forward and the first Chinese Mr. Gay was crowned recently. The first Mr Gay China was set to be held in 2010 but was shut down by police for apparently not following the correct procedures. And this year event did not face with any resistance – LGBT community has become more accepted.

Meng Fanyu, 27, won the competition by a landslide after four weeks of performances. He said: “is a great platform to raise awareness of the LGBT community. Many people don’t really know what LGBT is, and coming out can still be difficult, so you really have to prove yourself to be an upstanding person”.

While the community has started to gain more visibility, most LGBT people continue to live with their sexuality hidden – even few of the Mr Gay China contestants are out. A survey of the 27 million users of the country’s biggest gay dating app, Blued, suggested that less than 5% were visibly out.


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