Bernie Sanders considers voting for Hillary Clinton as the only possible way not to roll back LGBT rights

Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire where she received an endorsement from senator Bernie Sanders. After months of bitter campaigning, Bernie Sanders on July 12 offered his long-awaited endorsement for Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, saying he would work hard to help his former rival win the White House. The joint appearance at a high school in Portsmouth, New Hampshire was the culmination of weeks of talks between the two campaigns aimed at unifying the party in preparation for taking on Republican Donald Trump in November. / AFP / Justin SAGLIO (Photo credit should read JUSTIN SAGLIO/AFP/Getty Images)

The left-wing Vermont Senator fought an aggressive campaign against Clinton during the Democratic Primaries, but now he is showing his total support to Mrs. Clinton by nominating her by acclamation at the Democratic National Convention. But Sanders’ supporters don’t divide his opinion, planning to abstain, back a third-party candidate, or even vote for Donald Trump as a supposedly “less harmful” option.

Sanders tries to convince people saying: “On virtually every major issue facing this country and the needs of working families, Clinton’s positions are far superior to Trump’s. Our campaigns worked together to produce the most progressive platform in the history of American politics. Trump’s campaign wrote one of the most reactionary documents. [Clinton’s] Supreme Court appointees would protect a woman’s right to choose, workers’ rights, the rights of the LGBT community, the needs of minorities and immigrants and the government’s ability to protect the environment. Trump, on the other hand, has made it clear that his Supreme Court appointees would preserve the court’s right-wing majority.”



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