Daniel Goodfellow ‘disappears’ after winning a bronze medal with Tom Daley


We are all proud of a British openly gay diver Tom Daley who won a bronze Olympic medal. But some people are so proud of Tom, that reporting about his win they omitted that fact that this win was not only his – some reporters ‘missed’ his synchro partner Daniel Goodfellow describing the event. The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express both led with an image of Daley alone – while Goodfellow was identified only as his “synchronised partner” in a subheading in the Times.

Alex Kay-Jelski – the sports editor for the Times – responded to the criticism by saying that the change had been made for second edition of the paper. “A bit of leeway for how close to deadline we are trying to get these Olympic papers out though! #manic” he wrote. Goodfellow himself gave no sign on social media of being upset by the front pages, tweeting that the bronze medal was a “dream come true”. Gay News Europe wants to emphasize – our staff is truly proud of BOTH Daley and Goodfellow


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