It is not a crime to be gay in Belize anymore


The Supreme Court of Belize has made a historical decision of decriminalizing homosexuality. The court’s decision was announced by UNIBAM’s ( United Belize Advocacy Movement) twitter account after the ruling: “The chief justice of Belize. Kenneth Benjamin have found that section 53 (the section of the country’s criminal code which declares that “Every person who has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any person or animal shall be liable to imprisonment for ten years”, which actually proclaims homosexuality as a crime – GNE) ) of the criminal code is unconstitutional and must be struck down.” Adding: “He said sex extended to sexual orientation in our constitution amplifying our rights.”

Maurice Tomlinson, an attorney in Jamaica challenging the country’s anti-gay law, said it would be “highly persuasive” to other nations with laws criminalising homosexuality. LGBT rights advocates are looking to Belize hoping that other anti-LGBT laws can be brought down using legal challenges.


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