Gay icons love each other. Dolly Parton devotes a song to Adele


Country music legend Dolly Parton has expressed her love for her colleague Adele writing a song about her. “On ‘Head Over High Heels’, when I say ‘I put on my tight dress, hair piled on my head, painting my lips red and my eyes like Adele!’” Dolly said, adding that she loves Adele deeply and hopes to have a common song with her.

“I love her! I would love to do something with her. I just love her. I love how she looks, I love how she sings, I love how she is,” she revealed. “I would love to do something with her. Maybe write a song? Maybe do a duet. So pass that word along!” . The reaction of Adele is unknown yet, but we think she would be pleased to hear it. And as for a duet, fans would love it, especially gay fans, because both are LGBT-supportive.



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