Canadian PM celebrates the Pride for the 3rd time

NA-TRUDEAU-EDBOARD5 The editorial board met with Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau on April 5, 2013. CARLOS OSORIO/TORONTO STAR

Justin Trudeau id the most LGBT-loyal PM in history of Canada. And he shows his support to LGBT as much as he can. Recently Trudeau marched in his third Gay Pride Parade in Montreal, saying that he wants to see Canada as a world leader in LGBT issues, there is still a lot of work to do in this direction, so the politicians cannot stay indifferent: “We know people look to Canada to see the example we set and we will continue to work hard to push the limits of what other countries do because we have to send the message that LGBTQ rights are human rights.”

Leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), Tom Mulcair, welcomed the move by the Prime Minister to apologise for historic gay offences and said it was an “excellent opportunity to remove the prejudice that is on the books today When you’re apologising you have to remember what you’re apologising for,” he said. “While apologising, which is fair enough, [referring to restriction on gay men giving blood] we should remove the prejudice that exists now.”


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