The Ugandian Minister of Ethics is afraid that gays want to rape him


The Minister of Ethics in the African country which laws are strictly anti-gay, has recently made a number of homophobic comments. For example, he claimed that one school principal is storing his pupil’s semen in test tubes, continuing that Ugandan children are being offered bribes to make them gay, with the ‘west’ providing the funds.

The interview is on homophobic website Red Pepper. It refers to gay people as ‘shameless homos’ and ‘bum-drillers’. Lokodo tells Red Pepper: ‘My sources have revealed to me that the western world has pumped a lot of money in the homosexuality spread campaign. They want to finish off our beautiful culture. Recruits are welcomed with huge chunks of money. The boys and girls who have been planted here to recruit our children earn Shs500,000 [$148/€133] per person.’

He says at a school in Eastern Uganda: ‘The headmaster there is recruiting all his students. A complaint is before me here indicating that this head teacher masturbates boys’ sperms and keeps them in test tubes. We are going to arrest him and the school will be closed immediately.’ He also reinforces the myth that anal sex means gay men have to wear diapers.

Lokodo claims he is also getting death and rape threats. ‘Every morning I say a prayer asking God to be my shield. The homos have been sending me messages threatening my life. Most of them even say they want to rape me but I don’t fear anything.’ –


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