Ellen Degeneres denies being rasist


Ellen came under fire after posting the picture of herself riding one of the fastest men ever – an Olympic athlete Usain Bolt, signed: “This is how I’m running errands from now on. #Rio2016,” The audience started to blame the TV host of racism. But Bolt ended this story himself by retwitting her twit. He understands that it was a compliment, not humiliation. Ellen concluded: “I am highly aware of the racism that exists in our country. It is the furthest thing from who I am” and immediately redirected the followers’ attention on her 8th wedding anniversary, posting a picture with his wife capted: “Best thing I ever did.” Our congrats to Ellen and her wife Portia De Rossi , and as for the confusing situation with Usian Bolt, everything ended peacefully, and this is the most important.


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