Fans blame BBC in using gender stereotypes in Great British Bake Off icing


After the release of the popular show’s promotional shots the audience started to blame the media network of sexism. The show which proclaims the British lifestyle and says how good it is to live in the UK is tended to be full of gender stereotypes. New promotional shots for GBBO’s latest series have incurred the wrath of the baking show’s loyal fanbase . The reason of their anger is a ‘gendered’ icing. Female contestants have a pink one, and male – a blue one. People in Twitter were disappointed with such a decision and called it stupid.

Even a British politician Tim Farron could not remain indifferent, he wrote: “Looking forward to catching #GBBO but I hope the pink icing for girls, blue icing for boys is dropped”. To calm down the fans, BBC have changed the picture – now the icing is multicolored. And even those who did not see sexism in pink and blue admit that now it looks much better!


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