Harry Potter fans accuse the new play in lack of same-sex love


Harry Potter fans are up in arms over the relationship between Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy in The cursed child, blaming the writers of queerbaiting to entice the LGBT audience. Queerbaiting is a term which refers author’s and writer’s attempts to attract an LGBT audience by hinting at same-sex relationships between characters, though they are never actually consummated.

LGBT campaigner Jameson Ortiz claimed: “It’s queerbaiting because they knew exactly who they were reeling in and why, but still decided to leave out the main attraction for all the fans they hooked. Instead [they], like so many others, set up the gay romance, hint at it constantly, make it believable and deep and perfect, and then force it out of the story.” Some fans even attempted to rewrite the play, adding dates and kisses.


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