A man who humiliated a gay comedian claims gays to have revenged him


Jamie Penny, who used homophobic slur towards an out gay comedian Eddie Izzard claims to be beaten by two gay men in revenge for the attack. During a dramatic court appearance, Penny told reporters that the attack was part of a “big conspiracy” against him, organized by “men dressed like women” (swear words are omitted from quotations) .

“Wait wait wait wait. I’m not going to plead today,” he told District Judge Jeremy Coleman, “I have been abused by two gay men in Soho, assaulted. Assaulted because I have been in the paper, lies told about me.I didn’t say nothing to Eddie Izzard, he’s a [swear word omitted] liar, I’m not entering a plea, sorry mate.” “I am not your ‘mate’,” the judge replied, adding that he would put on the record that the defendant plead not guilty and would choose a hearing date, emphasizing that there is no much time for Penny to find a lawyer.

Penny later told reporters in the public gallery: “As I have said, my dad died this week, I have had too many problems, I have been assaulted twice because of the lies that have been put in the paper”.


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