What makes a son of straight parents wear ‘I love my gay dads” T-shirt?


The user of the Reddit network posted a picture of himself wearing a pro-gay T-shirt saying that he always wears it when he visits his dad at work, even though his dad is…. straight. ‘From the sounds of it, him and his dad have a great relationship and pulling pranks like this are one of the ways they bond,’ he explains.

Ones judged it., others praised. ‘If his dad isn’t gay, then this is cultural appropriation and it’s not ok,’ – one said. From a gay dude who was just disowned by his closest sibling and struggles to protect a far away niece who was kicked out of the house the same week, thank you for posting this. This made the world a slightly less hideous place for me today. No one is actually being hurt by his wearing a light-hearted pro-gay T-shirt, even if its intention is to frustrate his father. It doesn’t matter if some older man out there finds this patently offensive. F#ck his opinion of it, and who care’s if he’s actually angered? The world is crawling with people like that, but obviously T-shirt guy saw the upside of poking right at the nerve of someone’s irrational discomfort. That’s what’s golden here and being able to laugh at it is arguably the purest example of what keeps us human.’ And we think that it’s lovely anyway.


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