A conservative lobby group compares being transgender to anorexia


The Australian Family Association informed its members via email about the importance of answering the media reports about transgender kids. The email also included references to articles concerning the issue which were recommended to read. one of them was written by Moira Fleming for The Federalist, it compared being transgender to having anorexia nervosa, and use it to convince others.

The email is reported to say: “Fleming says that both anorexia or transgendering [sic] are driven by a mismatch between the person’s brain and their body, ‘a wrenching awareness of what it feels like to be disconnected from your body, to hate with every fiber of your being the way you look in the mirror…”

Michelle Telfer, one of the top Australian pediatricians, denies comparing being transgender to anorexia, because anorexia is a mental disorder and transgender people are mentally healthy. “The distress that one experiences over gender dysphoria is considered something that needs treatment,” she said. “If society accepted transgender people for who they are, there wouldn’t be distress.”


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