The all-gendered toilets will be launched in Chinese capital


Created by Martin Yang who works at the Beijing Gender Health Education Institute (BGHEI), Beijing’s first all gender toilet program has connected with over 20 cafes and bars and even an international school. Yang says that his goal is increase the people’s acceptance of the diversity issues. Launched in late May, each of the program’s participating locales get an ‘All Gender Toilet’ label for their loo’s door, as well as a spot on BGHEI’s digital map of trans-friendly places.

The launcher of the program added that trans people are often discriminated in public bathrooms in Beijing. ‘It has even happened to me,’ he told journalist . ‘I used to have long hair, and because I’m so petite, when I went to the men’s room guys inside would get visibly uncomfortable and quickly leave.’

Chao Xiao Mi, a friend of Yang, is a trans woman who contributed to his research. ‘I hope everyone can be friendly to trans people,’ she said. ‘I hope that trans people can live proudly like a rainbow under the sun, and have their own toilet, their own work, and their own style.’She added that she hopes that all locations with transgender friendly toilets will flourish as hot spots for the locals to become better acquainted with one another.


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