Gay swimmer Ian Thorpe is finally happy in relationsahips


An openly gay Olympian who wants to be a role model for those who try to overcome homophobia in sport (and we think that he perfectly copes with a task) recently spoke out about his romantic relationships with model Ryan Channing.

These relationships are the first for Thorpe since he came out as gay two years ago. Being in closet he has never dated at all, because he did not feel a willing to go out with women and was afraid of building relationships with men. And even coming out as gay did not change the situation a lot. Thorpe described his first attempts to date with someone as a nightmare which made him doubt whether normal people exist at all,. As for current relationships, the sportsman says briefly ‘The things are good’. And when everything is good, there is nothing else to add. We are really happy that Ian Thorpe found his love.


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