Local police chief dreams to become the first out lesbian sheriff


Crystal Moore is the police chief in Latta (South Carolina), but has been through a bumpy ride to get and keep her position there. She became embroiled in a controversy in 2014 when many of the 1,400 residents of Latta rallied around her after she was sacked by the mayor there. The mayor claimed that he would rather allow a drunk person to care about a baby rather than a lesbian.

She was eventually rehired, and the mayor sacked, but is now standing to become sheriff of Dillon County in the November election “That firing really turned out to be a blessing in a way. I saw so much support and then the story went national, and even more people got to see how special this place is,” Moore told the Associated Press.

After her re-hiring, same-sex marriage was legalised by the Supreme Court, and Moore is how happily married with a 7-month-old daughter. She admits the odds are stacked against her for the November Election as nearly 87 percent of residents in the county voted for a state amendment banning same-sex marriage.


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