Anti-gay group wants to forbid gay marriage because ‘it may lead to domestic abuses’


Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage made the claim in an email to supporters.He quoted some research according to which gay people are more likely to abuse their husbands and wives. Summarising the findings, it states: “Non-heterosexual and transgender people have higher rates of mental health problems (anxiety, depression, suicide), as well as behavioral and social problems (substance abuse, intimate partner violence), than the general population.Discrimination alone does not account for the entire disparity.”

Brown demands media to ‘stop lying’ about the LGBT issues attracting more and more attention to gay marriage which he claims to be against common sense and scientific knowledge.

His group continues to call for the Supreme Court verdict in Obergefell v. Hodges, which secured equal marriage in all 50 states, to be overturned – voiding thousands of existing same-sex marriages.


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