Donald Trump gives money to anti-gay activist for helping him with a speech for the presidential campaign


The Presidential hopeful gave (or how he calls it,’donated’) $100,000 to an anti-LGBT pastor Tony Perkins who helped write speeches for his Presidential campaign, which led to a lot of questions from his electorate.After Perkins’ Greenwell Springs Baptist Church was impacted by the recent Louisiana flooding, CNN reports they Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump made a personal $100,000 donation to the Church. However, the donation could be in violation of election finance rules, given Perkins previously provided services to Trump’s election campaign, with Trump himself praising his speech-writing “help”. If the donation does violate campaign finance laws, it could face investigation by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), an independent federal agency.

When Trump mistook while quoting the Bible in his speech, he put the blame for it on Perkins saying that he said exactly what Tony [Perkins] wanted him to say, and Tony was a nice guy who should have known better than anyone.


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