Nick Grimshaw crashed a car to avoid a cat


An openly gay former X factor judge was recently involved into a car accident. Nick Grimshaw was forced to pull of a radio appearance this Monday because he crashed his car because of swerving in order to avoid a cat. Grimshaw was on his way to the BBC Radio 1 studios when the accident happened.

“The car went upside down. I’m absolutely fine,” the DI says, “I turned out of my house, my car flipped over and went over on its side,” he explained, “People were like, ‘You can’t have been doing 15 miles per hour.’ I was, that’s how embarrassing this was. I came out of my street, turned right, saw quite a large ginger cat. I was like, ‘Oh no, a cat.’ Rather than killing the cat, I drove into a car,” he added, “The car that I hit made my car tip over. The woman’s car is absolutely fine – she needs a new wheel arch, which I guess I’m paying for.”

For those who worry about a cat – it was completely alright. It met the police, the firefighters and did not leave its ‘post’ on the street for at least 2 hours. Everything ended well. We wish all people to love animals and not to get into car accidents:)


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